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The Gift of a Rose Ceremony

Flowers are the messengers of our most profound feelings. They have a language of their own, and as gifts they are capable of expressing all shades of feelings and passions. The rose is especially noted, as it has been known for thousands of years as the flower of love. Throughout the ages, the giving of a rose was an unmistakable way of saying “I love you” and today you will each exchange a rose as not only a symbol of your love and commitment on this day, but as a promise of love remembered in the days ahead. Today you both will receive and give the promise and healing power of your love for the future of your marriage.


As you now give each other your gift of a rose, know that you are giving of your very hearts. As you accept your rose, know that you are receiving a most precious pledge of another’s unconditional love… for all of your future days together. I now ask that you exchange your roses.


As you have pledged your hearts together today with the giving of these roses, you have also given each other the gift of “future love”. In all relationships, from time to time, storm clouds gather and it can be difficult to say the words of healing that each wants to say. If that should ever happen within your marriage, I ask that you remember this day, the love you now have for each other, and the giving of these roses. Then I ask that one, or both of you, take a rose and place it in a special place you have chosen for such a time and let it speak the words you cannot speak. These words are “I still love you”, “I care”, and most of all “I have not forgotten that my heart is yours”.


And I ask that each of you accept this rose, or roses, as either apology or forgiveness and from that day on pledge to renew your love and commitment for each other with the same passion and strength you feel on this day of your marriage. Always letting your love for each other light the path to a wonderful, happy future… and marriage.

rose exhange for LGBTQ wedding at the Hotel del Coronado
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